Event Schedule


The event with Jason Brown will take place at:  MSOE Kern Center 1245 N Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Sunday, March 31, 2019 (1:00-5:30 pm)

Each fundraiser who raised $250 or more may bring ONE ITEM to be autographed by Jason.

All names of contest winners have been added.

Please arrive 30 minutes early to your first activity to check in.

Each fundraiser may bring 1 parent.

If you earned an extra guest, the extra guest will receive all incentives up to the $500 level, can watch the clinic(s) but not participate, will meet Jason for pictures and an autograph and attend the Q&A.  Your extra guest will accompany you into any contest you won to watch but not receive the item.

The following people have won an extra guest ($2,000): Holland Arney, Edie Dembroski


Pick up Jason! Edie Dembroski

1:00 pm-Greeters-Sadie Rios

1:05 pm-15 minute private skating lesson-Holland Arney

1:20 pmPrivate clinic with Jason-Holland Arney, Maddie Koscinski

1:35 pm-Get Framed with Jason-Haley Corsbie, Hana Pokrandt, Keira McCue

1:40 pm-5 minutes on ice with Jason-Haley Corsbie

1:45 pm-Spin clinic with Jason-Edie Dembroski, Lillian Hoffmann, Marilynn McCoy-Sprung

2:00 pm-5 Private minutes-Edie Dembroski

2:05 pm-Artistry clinic with Jason-Hana Pokrandt, Lola Perelman, Pieper Seetan, Holland Arney

2:20 pm-VIP Meet & Greet! Eve Westpfahl, Marilynn McCoy-Sprung

2:30 pm-5 Private Minutes off ice-Holland Arney (10 minutes), Edie Dembroski, Isabella Fiorentini

2:30 pm-Break

2:50 pm-Clinic with Jason for everyone raising $125 or more! (Regular clinic plus top 30)

3:45 pm-Perform Routine for Jason-Holland Arney, Hana Pokrandt, Lola Perelman, Pieper Seetan

4:05 pm-Break

4:15 pm-Pictures & Autographs with Jason! Each fundraiser who raised $250 or more may bring any ONE item to be autographed and pose for one photo.  Parents please bring your camera to take a picture while your fundraiser is meeting Jason!

4:45 pm-Q&A with Jason!  We will select questions to be asked to Jason by fundraisers.

MEDAL WINNERS ($1,500): Holland Arney, Edie Dembroski, Lola Perelman, Hana Pokrandt

CERTIFICATE WINNERS  ($1,000): Holland Arney, Edie Dembroski, Lola Perelman, Hana Pokrandt, Marilynn McCoy-Sprung

SELFIE WINNERS:  Lola Perelman, Holland Arney, Maddie Maraccini, Eve Westpfahl


Official event photo for $3,000 raised: Holland Arney

5:15 pm-Dinner with Jason-The top 10 overall fundraisers attend dinner with Jason.  The top 2 sit next to Jason at dinner! Any extra guests attending will sit at the parents table.  Only the top 10 fundraisers will sit at the head table with Jason.  Fundraisers may bring 1 parent.  WE WILL TAKE ONE GROUP PHOTO WITH THE TOP 10!